Midas M32 Firmware is Major Leap Forward

Midas, one of the world’s leading console manufacturers, has today released its much-anticipated Firmware and Application Software Update, V 3.0, for its award-winning M Series. Major performance enhancements now await users of the esteemed M32, M32R and M32C digital platforms. With strong focus on networked system control, Midas has gone the extra mile for the milestone update by including new versions of all of its remote control apps, M32-Edit and M32-Mix for all platforms with this consolidated 3.0 release.

“Midas are continually enhancing the features of the M32’s eco-system so that our customers, and their audiences, experience the best performance available,” commented Music Conception Senior Engineer, Jan Duwe. “Open control standards such as OSC, networking and transparency across a system of components are paramount topics for us. We’re on the tip of the iceberg with these latest enhancements, stay tuned for more!”

New for V 3.0!

New Automixing option; output phase inversion for all local, auxiliary and Ultranet outputs, X-Over filter options for Main LR and Mono/Center bus EQ, new Ethernet or MIDI remote control from compatible control surfaces, providing physical controls for distant mixers, such as M32C.

Application Benefits

Corporate board meetings, panels, presentations and worship events will benefit greatly from the automatic mixer algorithm, which provides more gain to the speaker with the highest combination of volume, fader level and weighing factor, while others are attenuated proportionally.

The Mobile Apps

The new M32-Mix for iPad;and M32-EDIT for Win/Mac OSX/Linux/RPi2 feature a completely redesigned touch-optimised and scalable user interface with keyboard shortcuts for fast, elegant operation. With huge functionality and customisation of workflows, the Apps offer everything on virtually any available platform!

The Midas M32 firmware update 3.0 and the new M32-Edit app are available for immediate download at midasconsoles.com. The new M32-Mix app is available for immediate download in the Apple App Store. A compatible MixingStation App from developer David Schumann is available in the Android Google Play Store.

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